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My mom had a business trip to Phoenix and gave herself a 4 day stop-over here in Boulder. We looked at LOTS of furniture, and even bought some! We are now the proud owners of a hutch, with a cupboard on the bottom, an open shelf, and a glass doored cabinet on top. I’d take a picture, but our apartment is slightly more wreck-y looking than usual (though a lot cleaner –thanks mom!) because there is a dumpster-recovered bookshelf (which the hutch is replacing) and a night stand (to replace mine, from Target) in them middle of the room!

The hutch and night stand are both from a local used furniture, consignment, and overstock store. Both pieces are used. The hutch is teak from the early 1970s and the night stand is oak from the late 1940s (it matches some other pieces we already have). It’s nice to retire our shabby, graduate student chic dumpster finds.

We also received both of our wine shipments from our honeymoon, and acquired new racks to store/display them on. We now own over 24 bottles of wine! Come join us for dinner, you bring the curry or Italian (two of our favorite cuisines) and we’ll bring out the rieslings, pino gris, rosé, and even the appropriate aperitif!

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