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I don’t really like blogging about my Weight Watchers success. It makes me feel weird, like I shouldn’t have let myself go so far before I had to look for outside enforcement, but that’s the nature of having a problem. You won’t accept help until you look for it yourself. Going to a WW meeting mustn’t be too far off from an AA meeting, food addicts, alcoholics, we’re not that different. Well, maybe our stories are less depressing at WW, but we’re there to be supportive of each other and to share what’s working and what isn’t and learn the science behind the whats and whys of the program.

Anyhow, it’s working slowly but surly for me. Since Thanksgiving 2012 I’ve lost 20 lbs (well, I hit that milestone a month ago and have been near it since, but I haven’t been great about limiting my birthday/wedding celebration consumption either). Yes, that’s 9 months to loose 20 lbs, or about 2 lbs per month overall. I’m actually quite proud of it and expect that because I’ve lost it so slowly it’s more likely to stay off.

Every time I hit a setback it’s been 3-4 pounds over 2 weeks after some major event revolving around food: baby shower, road trip, baby shower, wedding, birthday, etc. Then it takes me a month to get back on track, and loose what was there before too, which is really frustrating because I feel like I’ve lost the same weight over and over again. It also means that sometimes I loose 6 lbs in a month when 1/2 of those were pounds I’d already lost and yo-yoed back because I ate too much salt/fat/whatever and just had an awful weigh in previously. FINALLY though I’m starting to see that I look and feel different. My waist is back where it should be and old clothes not only fit but are a tad roomy! And the best part is that yoga is getting easier, not because I’m getting stronger, I feel I may have in fact lost muscle tone because I’m not as active as I have been in the past, but because there’s less belly to have to modify around!

The biggest milestone for me is that my wedding dress not only fits again, but it fit without the Spanx I wore underneath for my wedding! WOOHOO!

wedding dress on 30th birthday

pointing out my favorite wedding photo in my wedding dress almost 3 years later
PS- please ignore the mezuzah that appears to be sticking out of my head

Go me! Oh, and I got new glasses too. Not a huge change, but I also got my first pair of prescription sun glasses rather than the magnetic/clip-on sunglasses that went over my regular glasses that I had in the past. I feel like a real grownup now. Watching my food intake, trying to track my physical activity, and real sun glasses. I guess 30 isn’t so bad, it just can’t the tequila/beer and nachos/pizza festival that 23 was and I am 100% OK with that; I like veggies, whole grains, and lean protein!

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This Trendy “Strong is the New Skinny” Thing and what it could mean for the next generation of girls | Sophieologie.

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5% gone!

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I’m now a proud Weight Watchers member. I just met my 5% goal, meaning that I’ve lost 5% of my body weight since I joined just before Thanksgiving. Yes, that was 4 months ago, but since then we have mover out of our old place, Ben graduated and our families came to celebrate, celebrated MANY holidays, taken a big road trip, lived with my parents for a while, and moving into a new place. I’m pretty proud of myself.

As a little gift, I got a dance video game: Zumba Core. All I have to say is “Whoa, do I feel uncoordinated!” If you think you’re a hot stuff dancer, go for it, if you’re a couch potato who thinks they should move more, stick to the treadmill. I think I’ll do the game every once in a while, but ack! I felt like I was flailing on (or off) the beat and my knees kinda ached the next day. I suppose that’s why they recommend wearing aerobics shoes and not running shoes, but all I have are running shoes! Back to the treadmill I go. Laaa dee dah.

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