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So far, I’ve had a great day, which is odd because so many bizzaro things have happened.

First, this morning there was a crazy car accident where someone drove straight at a T exit off the highway, into the garages for our building! Thankfully no one was injured (only 2 sports cars that were towed before this photo was taken) and the nutso who ran their car through a brick wall was caught and taken to jail after a short foot chase by the officer that hangs out 24/7 at the gas station across the street. That was odd (the accident and the foot chase, the cop is because there of easy access to major roads and a bus station). Yes, what you see in the garage to the right is a small car with a box on top of it, that box in the rafters on a shelf and got knocked onto the car.

Also, I live in the land of the Subaru station wagon, can you tell?


Then, I went into work at the same place I’ve been all week, only to find out that the server crashed last night! Not just crashed, died. Thankfully the hard drives appear to be OK and no work appears to have been lost. They sent me home (let me bill 1 hour) and I’m waiting for a call and an email with a VPN password. Other bummer, I must have accidentally paid with TWO bus tickets this morning because I had to pay cash to get home. Bummer, that’s $4.50 down the toilet.

So, I came home and got Ben’s tallit, picked him up from work, and we got to go to the Sukkot torah service at Bonai! Woohoo! We got there as they were putting the torah away, but we still got to dance around and shake our lulav (branches) and etrog (awesome smelling citrus fruit that you NEVER eat during the holiday of Sukkot), and sit to make kiddish (bless the wine and have a sip) and have snacks in the sukkah (a temporary shelter or booth that has a roof made of branches or other organic materials that the stars can be seen though at night), made plans for dinners next week in the sukkah with friends, and then I went to the grocery store. So observant of me, right? We needed milk, eggs and veggie broth. Everything I’d gone for at the store was on sale, woohoo!

Below, is a gallery of Bonai Shalom’s super-awesome sukkah, that Ben helped build and I helped to decorate and “supervise” the building of (I made sure everyone knew where the coffee was and kept the kids from eating all the brownies at once).

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