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Moving is EXHAUSTING! We’ve taken 3 trunk-loads of stuff to donate to the thrift shop, 3 coats and a blanket to the homeless shelter, 3 trips to Best Buy (where they have a recycling program for old tech!) and trash to the dumpster every few hours (as needed). Getting all that stuff out of the house and to the right places, as well as picking up boxes from the U-Haul store and getting all the mail sorted out is tasks enough, but then there are all of our household effects!

We’ve mailed about 500 lbs of books to McLean. It’s just under $0.50/lb to mail them media rate and would have cost about $0.75/lb if they’d gone on the moving truck (then unloaded at a climate controlled, indoor storage unit, and then reloaded onto a long distance truck and hauled out to us within 10-14 days of when we ask for it). Instead, my dad now has lots of small, heavy boxes with which to build box forts if he wanted to.

I’m tired and rambling. We went to be around 11:30 last night, but I’m fairly certain that I didn’t fall asleep until 3 AM. Then I woke up before my 7:30 alarm even went off. Blergh.

Like I said, I’m not sure, yet, but I may hate moving. On the other hand, if this is the worst of it, moving may be OK after all!

OK, off to Ben’s lab group farewell dinner. Mmmm, Italian food.

Also, the packers packed my baggie of plastic utensils and my tool boxes! WTF, guys. Those were set off in a separate area for a reason. Grumble….

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