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Food is important, not just at weddings but for living! It’s one of the most basic things we need to live: food, shelter, water, and friends/love.

I’m kinda going through a personal discovery with food, learning that I want to make the food I eat be as good for both me and the planet as possible. I want to eat as sustainably, locally, and healthfully as possible. I have to admit, I’ve been completely sucked into Michael Pollen’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals. Now I’ve even applied for a scholarship to attend Hazon, a conference on living sustainably with a Jewish focus.

Ben’s been away since last Wednesday and will be back on Friday. In the mean time I’m keeping myself busy by cooking (a lot), walking (all the way to Bonai and back!), and my unfortunate habit of shopping (nothing awful and all on sale). Oh, and I noodled a little on my viola a bit too, so I ordered a new A string. I might end up returning some of my new purchases, but I’m happy with most of them and have used some already.

I’m starting to sound like a product placement, but woohoo for my new Camelback! It’s a bit small (and cute!), but my torso is too short for the grown up sized bags and the kids ones are all 40-50 fl. That’s only enough water for 1-2 hours. The good news is that there’s enough room in the big pocket for a 1 liter (that’s another 40 oz), I just need to remember to freeze it first.

What else is going on this week? There’s a talk on Wednesday about bees at Bonai, Thursday is grocery shopping and CSA pickup, and Ben’s back on Friday evening. Oh, there’s a company potluck on Friday for lunch at work; I’m making dessert. Now I just need to find a way to keep busy tomorrow that doesn’t involve any shopping!

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