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I’m a TV addict

We recently decided that for $2 more per month it was worth it to loose all the DVDs in Netflix collection and gain the immediate availability of some awesome stuff. First, Ben and I were so excited to discover BBC’s Sherlock, and then sad to discover that they only made three episodes. Sad times.

Now, I’m hooked on re-watching Felicity. Oh yeah, high school VHS tapes with rainbow edges all over again!

There’s also my every-so-often (ok, a few times per week) addiction to watching Voyager. I fly my nerd flag high and proud here, dear readers. I am a Trekie. I prefer the Next Gen series’, TNG, DS9, and Voyager. The original series is OK, and Enterprise is a notch below that on my totem pole. Voyager rocks my socks the most because it has such awesome female characters and the plot and character development are so consistent and strong.

OK, that’s enough about Star Trek. Don’t get me started on Babylon 5 or Earth 2. Why did I hide this SciFi addiction when I was younger, I have no idea. But I’m finding that the people I’m closest to now watched it then too. Even friends I’ve known forever and didn’t talk about SciFi with then secretly watched it too! I’m so glad that Game of Thrones isn’t getting the same stigma and that it’s cool to talk about (plus a cool show). I’m excited for it to come back in the fall, even if we canceled our HBO subscription (one of the swift financial reforms made after I got laid off).

While we’re on the subject of TV, can I just say that Grey’s Anatomy this week was awesome (though it felt originally scripted as a 2 parter), but that Glee was lacking. WTF was up with Quinn? Though Dianna Agron’s haircut is AWESOME!

What else am I watching with my copious time? (I only work part time, maybe 12 hours/week, these days.) Drop Dead Diva, Harry’s Law, Parenthood, New Girl, and when they come back on Private Practice and Army Wives. Warehouse 13 and Eureka seem to be finished for the season.

PS- looking for a real job is soul sucking. TV Land is my refuge. I’m starting to watch Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother too, but not in a serial way, just when I see them on and I’m bored of doing useful stuff in silence. Oh, and the TiVo makes sure that I don’t miss an opportunity for a daily dose of Alton Brown’s Good Eats too.

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