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I joined a gym!

I know, I still haven’t written about our cross-country road trip, nor have I written about moving into my parents’ basement or visiting NASA or even the inauguration yesterday. I’ll get to that later.

Right now I’m excited about joining a gym for the first time ever. That’s not quite true, I had a gym membership at the university for 2 semesters before we got married so that I could take fitness classes and ice skate for free. I never did use any equipment other than the elliptical (which I’m still not sure how to use effectively).

Anyhow, in addition to joining Weight Watchers (I’ve lost 7+ pounds since November 14), I’ve now joined Equinox gym.  I’ts super fancy-shmancy. Yoga classes in McLean are 2x what they cost in Boulder, and if I only use the gym for yoga twice a week it will cost the same as that many yoga classes in town but I get the added bonus of a steam room, pool, and a whole gym! I’m doing the new member challenge: visit 12 times in my first 30 days of membership and use both my free personal trainer session and I will be credited my initiation fee! So far I’ve been a member for 10 days and have gone 4 times, including one session with my personal trainer (turns out that my BMI is higher than I thought and I’m a weak, chubby blob, we’re going to work on that).

So far, so good. I like that I’m not the only one in the gym who doesn’t look like a yoga girl, I would sometimes get frustrated by being the chubbiest person in the class in Boulder.

For now, I’m looking for a part time job that will let me keep up my new fitness routine, or a perfect job that is near where we’re planning to move (Rockville) and maybe full time and could be a “forever job.” Like how I felt about working at Bonai; something fulfilling and rewarding.

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