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Stone Mountain LodgeUm, there was no lodge. The bathrooms had showers and brown tiles. The ceremony site was gorgeous, but the reception tent was just eh. The “bridal tent” smelled like mildew.

Overall, you’d get some decent bang for your buck, but it definitely isn’t the right place for us. Though I did meet a really helpful caterer/event planner. With this venue, I’m too worried about everyone 1) getting stuck in the mud if there’s any inclement weather and 2) it being a place you have to drive too, people drinking at our simcha and then driving is a big fear of mine. I think we’re going to stick with places downtown, within walking distance of a hotel, or at a hotel/lodge that has an actual lodge and isn’t a motel.

Whatever, I sound like I’m bashing the place…. That wasn’t my goal. If you’re into cushy rustic, then this is the place for you. From the cute little cabins I saw a family of deer, and the vistas are amazing. But, apparently I’m attached to amenities like pavement and nicer bathrooms. Oh well. I’m sure it is the perfect place for the right couple.

 the cute little upstairs of a guest cabin
reception tent dance floor

the bridal tent/getting ready area (me in the mirror)

duck pond and yellow wildlife crossing sign in the background

outside of the reception tent

ceremony area

bathroom building with mini storage barn in front of it

looking down at the reception tent and duck pond from the entrance

one of the guest houses

mule deer

looking down the corridor at the motel-like rooms

the area where you’re allowed to put RVs and tents

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