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It looks like we’ll be taking a road trip this summer! All we need to do is pick a week and make lodging reservations. WOOHOO, camping for 2 days near Dinosaur, visiting multiple hot springs, and Trail Ridge Road! Can someone please buy me a National Parks Pass as an early birthday present, please? RMNP is so close, but we never go because we’re cheap. What a shame.

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I’ve only got a few pro photos left to share with you all and it’s almost our anniversary too! I think we’re going to put off our anniversary celebrations until our Hebrew calendar anniversary (2nd of Cheshvan) on Saturday, October 29th. Hopefully we won’t feel so cash strapped that we can’t go to some hot springs either a nice weekend at a so-so motel in Glenwood Springs or a day trip to Idaho Springs. We like hot springs :), they’re warm and wet and so much fun in the evening when you can see the stars from a giant hot tub-like pool.

contemplating vampire love bites!

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