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5% gone!

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I’m now a proud Weight Watchers member. I just met my 5% goal, meaning that I’ve lost 5% of my body weight since I joined just before Thanksgiving. Yes, that was 4 months ago, but since then we have mover out of our old place, Ben graduated and our families came to celebrate, celebrated MANY holidays, taken a big road trip, lived with my parents for a while, and moving into a new place. I’m pretty proud of myself.

As a little gift, I got a dance video game: Zumba Core. All I have to say is “Whoa, do I feel uncoordinated!” If you think you’re a hot stuff dancer, go for it, if you’re a couch potato who thinks they should move more, stick to the treadmill. I think I’ll do the game every once in a while, but ack! I felt like I was flailing on (or off) the beat and my knees kinda ached the next day. I suppose that’s why they recommend wearing aerobics shoes and not running shoes, but all I have are running shoes! Back to the treadmill I go. Laaa dee dah.

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