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Hazon food confab shifts into high gear in Davis | j. the Jewish news weekly of Northern California.

Above is a link to a really great article about the Hazon Food Conference. I at many of the mentioned sessions (no, it is not possible to eat too much kale unless you eat more than 3 servings a day, every day) and the ginger beer making mime session was HILARIOUS!

I was invited to a followup Shabbat camp-out, but I just got the email about 30 minutes ago when I got home from my epic day of going to the new IKEA and an interview (great fit personality-wise, but I don’t think that I’m qualified enough for it. Bummer.

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In a few words: the Hazon Food Conference, at UC Davis, was AMAZING. I wish I could say that it was life changing, but I feel more that it was comforting and affirming. I can care about what food I choose to buy, eat, and serve to others and commingle those ideas with being Jewish; making those choices even MORE meaningful!

I wish I had taken photos at the conference, but I didn’t. Even though my camera had barely enough batteries to take maybe 15 photos. Oh well. Here’s a photo from our honeymoon, 10 months ago in Northern California.

grapes, taken on our honeymoon in Napa/Sonoma

Before the conference, I stayed with some former Boulderites and good friends, Katie and Peter (AKA The Bears), in Orinda, CA. Their (rented) house in the hills is beautiful, their puppy is super well trained and adorable, and they have LEMON TREES. Seriously people, meyer lemon trees, and orange, and grapefruit. There’s an apple tree too, but I’ve seen those before. Plus, Katie let me add 2 hours to our trip up to Davis to stop at Hagafen Cellars for a tasting and I purchased a case of wine and had it shipped back to Boulder. Yum! If you can get it, their 2009 Chardonnay is unoaked amazing grapey liquid gold in a glass.

Oh, and to add to the awesome vibe of warm fuzzies I’ve been feeling lately: Juliet has written about some of the various ways in which Colorado is awesome.

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Last night I saw Vanishing of the Bees and it totally drove home the fact that I only want to buy organic foods from here out. I’ve drunk the Boulder koolaid, gone off the deep end, joined the cult, etc.

I’ve already been convinced that cows should eat grass, not whatever feedlots feed them (corn, rendered fats, antibiotics, steroids, etc.) and now I’m scared of systemic pesticides in conventional food. When we’re ready to make a baby I don’t want any chemicals in my body that I can avoid. I know birth control is a chemical, but it’s one that I am CHOOSING to ingest and has been proven safe for 50+ years. Pesticides, especially systemic ones that are IN the plant have not been proven safe just not toxic in small doses.

As an office manager/receptionist at I work I have quite a bit of extra time on my hands to surf the net (as long as I don’t have to log into google), so here’s some of the cool veggie stuff I found (other than the organic CSA that I’m a member of):

AWESOME UPDATE! I just heard from Boulder’s chapter of Hazon, they’re working on cobbling a full scholarship together for me! I’ll hear definitively by July 12th.

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