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Apparently my wedding dress was on-trend when I bought it (I’m watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on TV right now). Herminone’s dress from Slugworth’s Christmas party is like a v-neck version of my wedding dress in pink, BEAUTIFUL!

Who knew that I could be trendy? I think of myself as fairly conservative, and possibly frumpy when it comes to fashion. I prefer a boxy college t-shirt and/or hoodie and Levi’s to most other forms of clothing for everyday-wear.

Ben’s parents were in town for the week of Sukkot. There was a LOT of eating out, and Ben and his dad had a lot of time to chat about Ben’s papers that are in the cue for publication and his forthcoming thesis and defense presentation. While they were here, I feel like I ate more in8 days than I usually eat in 14!

To celebrate our anniversary Ben’s parents took us out to dinner at Jill’s, the restaurant at the St. Julien Hotel & Spa, where we were married. It was yummy! The flambé cart that they purchased for our wedding dessert is in regular rotation in the dining room with table-side bananas foster on the dessert menu (along with shrimp scampi and a table-side preparation of Caesar salad too). It was a yummy night on the town.

As soon as it gets here, I’ll publish some photos of our anniversary present to ourselves. I used a Groupon (and spent a $10 voucher I had) to buy a print of one of our wedding photos on aluminum. It should be pretty cool.

We don’t have a single wedding print framed in the house! When I had a desk I had one of our engagement photos framed on my desk, but the only wedding prints we have are in our de facto wedding album! I figured that two years later it was time to fix that.

Dang. I don’t seem to have a digital copy of the engagement photo I used to have on my desk. Here’s a paint version:

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Expiration dates kinda haunt me sometimes. Especially on gift cards or prizes, or things I think I’ll use later to buy something for someone else. Oops. I MEANT to buy a thank you/housewarming gift for my friends Katie and Peter, after they hosted and drove me all the way up to Davis when I was in California for the Hazon Conference, but the prize money I was going to use to buy their gift with had expired! Seriously, who reads the rules on those things when you have to click away from the “You’ve won, here’s your prize code” page? Ugh.

OK. End rant.

I think every married couple needs this randomly useful beautiful thing:

Glass Domed Cake Plate/Punch Bowl | Williams-Sonoma

I know, it’s very Stepford Wife of me to say so, but it is awesome. Its a cake dome AND A punch bowl! We’ve only used it as a cake dome so far, but it’s amazing how some heavy, tempered glass can keep baked goods so happy. Who knew? My mom was more into tupperware than heavy glass, but this can live out on the counter and look like you’ve just won the blue ribbon, not like you’re trying to hide mystery baked goods in the corner under milky plastic.

PS- can someone re-coach me on it’s vs its? I’m getting confused. I guess I should go dig up my favorite grammar book: Eats, Shoots & Leaves

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