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Thursday night, Ben arrived in NY to join me at Andrea’s apartment. We passed out on the sofa bed and  woke up waht felt like very early to leave with Andrea on her way into the city for work.

On Friday we got up “early” to meet my IAA friend, Jenn, for breakfast at Dominique Ansel Bakery, in SoHo, after reading the Serious Eats review. The Perfect Little Egg Sandwich was good, but the bread was slightly over done. All the pastries we tried (including my favorite, the Kouign Amann, which we first tried on our honeymoon, at Les Madeleines) were good, slightly over done but REALLY good.

After breakfast we wandered over to CB2, where we didn’t find anything we needed, AKA we left empty handed. Then, we headed uptown to the Met Museum. We got there right on time to take a guided tour of the musical instruments exhibit before a light lunch at the cafe.

That’s where things went down hill, as we were finishing up our lunch I realized that my upper torso was COVERED in hives. So, I downed a benadryl, washed my hands in the bathroom and we made a beeline to my favorite thing in the museum: the Temple of Dendur, where Ben was more interested in the granite crocodile; and to visit William before I got too loopy to be a good date. I walked myself back to the subway station while Ben hung out at the museum a while longer. I asked the lady next to me on the train to wake me up before my stop, but I woke up on my own. I hauled my ass back to Andrea’s apartment, took another benedryl, and passed out on the couch for 3.5 hours.

We had shobbos dinner together with Andrea (she and I completely butchered the brisket recipe the night before, but it came out well). We ate late, but Ben happily scarfed down 1/2 of a 3 lb brisket on his own, while I daintily picked at a slice and filled up on salad and couscous and Andrea ate her normal bird portion.

We cleaned up and went to bed (where we were STEAMED by the busted radiator and left all the windows in the living room wide open). The whole reason for our reason to be in NY was the next morning, my cousin’s bat mitzvah!

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