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family visits

Just a warning: I’m about to whine a bit.

Maybe I just need to learn to get along with others and share my space better. That might be a big part of it. Also, I don’t like when my routine gets messed up, no matter how much it looks like I’m doing nothing (i.e. blogging, reading blogs, watching trashy TV).

Is everyone’s family intense? Can other people only deal with them in small doses? My friends, I can handle for days and days, my family only a few; 3-4 at the most. Is there something wrong with me? Or is it just that you can’t choose your family, only your friends?

Either way, my brothers are getting older and easier to get along with, but still act like my own personal sandpaper on my patience after a while. I could give you a laundry list of little things that annoy me, but I know they’re better than before. Either I’ve built up a tolerance, or they’re getting better.

OK, time to end the whining, here are some cute baby mallard ducklings:

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