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Not that I don’t have enough pretty things, but Ben is going away for a 5 days to a conference and I can take over the kitchen table with all my sewing stuff while he’s gone! Plus, we have a wedding to go to in three weeks…. I’d really like to make this beautiful Anne Fogarty dress, that I saw on-line while looking for “circle skirt dress pattern.” It didn’t take much hunting to find a pattern for it (from what I understand lots of ready-made dresses from that era were also published as patterns.

The problem with the pattern is that it’s for a 33″ bust. Seriously. Thirty three inches, including the girls! I’m sorry, but my rib cage is even larger than that (36 or 34DD = 41 inch bust = rib cage + the girls). Does anyone out there want to take on a project and scale this pattern to fit me? I’m somewhere around petite 18 in the world of sewing patterns (roughly a 14 petite in current sizing for store bought clothes).

Those chevrons carrying over from the bodice to the skirt just make me happy. Maybe I was secretly born in the wrong decade, late 50s early 60s clothes are just so pretty! I guess that’s why I loved my tea length wedding dress so much too, I tried not to play up the vintage styling too much with my dress, but it was such an awesome vintage shape!

I ♥ circle skirts. Maybe I’ll just try and make a chevron-y circle skirt to wear to a friend’s wedding in a few weeks. I’ll go look at Jo-Ann and see if I can find some decent fabric. There’s a fancy suiting/upscale fabric store in town, but other than that I’d have to go to south Denver to find any original fabrics. Oh well, a girl can dream!

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David’s Bridal e-shopping

EW9848 via David’s Bridal – Taffeta jewel neck ball gown featuring side pockets. .

I can’t tell if I’m really digging this dress or not. I imagine it would be great short, but would I just look like a muffin with boobs from the front? OTOH, I totally dig the back, and for $399, with the opportunity to get it on sale through next week, I might find I think I might go try it on. But GEEZ to I hate David’s Bridal BARN. Ugh. It’s probably more of a swooshy monstrosity than a thing of beauty in person, right?

PS- I never did try it on

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This bride is wearing the dress that I lurve. The one that will be fabulously custom made for me, only different.

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The pretty pink dress

I want the pink frothy dress Carie wears for her going away dinner in episode 93. I want it in ivory with a lavender or pale blue crinoline and I want to wear it for a wedding dress. Well, I at least want to try it on. Every time this episode is on TV I manage to watch it and mentally drool over that dress. It’s so awesome and perfectly swirly! That’s what I want, swirly, but not too poofy or fluffy. I don’t want to look like a Degas dancer. I’m just not a tulle girl.

PS- I want my hair to look like that too, minus all the dye. I like my natural color, it’s actually not too far off from what her colorist was trying to create there, only more gold and less blond in the highlights.

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Denver, CO

Saturday, August 22, VIP Night 3:00 – 6:00 pm $25 Admission
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Sunday, August 23, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Free Admission

Westin Tabor Center
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Parking $5

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Dress shopping

I had my second not-too-depressing dress shopping experience yesterday at Anna Bé in Denver. Woohoo! Maybe, just maybe, I won’t have to make my own dress. I’m afraid I suck too much at altering patterns to have enough confidence to make my own dress. $80+/yard silk is intimidating! Dream fabric: soft, light ivory, silk brocade with a big pattern.

PS- photo is from here

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While I’m home in DC I tried to meet up with a few of my girlfriends. Especially Whitney (WAJR), she and I are birthday twins (though I’m a year and a few hours earlier). We went out for a wander in Old Town yesterday (Friday). We looked at sample dresses at Gossypia, ate falafel, looked at cookware, saw Michelle Obama’s dress at Talbots, sadly it didn’t fit either of us and was a little outside both of our budgets.

WAJR and Andrew married this past August in Staunton, Virginia, Andrew’s home town. Here are a few photos from their wedding ceremony, reception, and hanging out in hotel rooms afterward:

pretty flowers (while looking for my purse after the reception)

“after party” with some HS people and their SOs

then going to play Apples to Apples with Maria, and WAJR and Roo’s UVA buddies

Will and Will

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