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Not that I don’t have enough pretty things, but Ben is going away for a 5 days to a conference and I can take over the kitchen table with all my sewing stuff while he’s gone! Plus, we have a wedding to go to in three weeks…. I’d really like to make this beautiful Anne Fogarty dress, that I saw on-line while looking for “circle skirt dress pattern.” It didn’t take much hunting to find a pattern for it (from what I understand lots of ready-made dresses from that era were also published as patterns.

The problem with the pattern is that it’s for a 33″ bust. Seriously. Thirty three inches, including the girls! I’m sorry, but my rib cage is even larger than that (36 or 34DD = 41 inch bust = rib cage + the girls). Does anyone out there want to take on a project and scale this pattern to fit me? I’m somewhere around petite 18 in the world of sewing patterns (roughly a 14 petite in current sizing for store bought clothes).

Those chevrons carrying over from the bodice to the skirt just make me happy. Maybe I was secretly born in the wrong decade, late 50s early 60s clothes are just so pretty! I guess that’s why I loved my tea length wedding dress so much too, I tried not to play up the vintage styling too much with my dress, but it was such an awesome vintage shape!

I ♥ circle skirts. Maybe I’ll just try and make a chevron-y circle skirt to wear to a friend’s wedding in a few weeks. I’ll go look at Jo-Ann and see if I can find some decent fabric. There’s a fancy suiting/upscale fabric store in town, but other than that I’d have to go to south Denver to find any original fabrics. Oh well, a girl can dream!

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