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Awesome, and the post was written on our 1 year anniversary. Sweet! Downside: she would have our wedding fall under the “trendy” category with mountains in the distance (hello, we live here!) and my tea length dress (which kept me from feeling like one of those Barbie torsos stuck in a cupcake of dress).

I’d subscribe to it, but I’ve mostly eliminated wedding blogs from my Google Reader feed. The only ones I still have on there (and look at) are A Practical Wedding and Offbeat Bride. APW is awesome because Meg and her band of merry editors write great stuff and think that my writing is awesome enough to publish (oh, and agree with me that our photographers were baddassbitches too). OBB is awesome because there are so many unique things featured there, but lately I’ve been finding myself skimming those articles more than reading them. Don’t worry, Offbeat Empire, I still love Offbeat Home and won’t subscribe to (yet) but often read Offbeat Mama too –remember that baby bug I can’t seem to shake….

I’ve still got Weddingbee in there too, but to be honest I don’t read it anymore. 2 years ago, I wanted to badly to be a bee, but every email I’ve sent (to apply to be a bee and to get the “I was featured” badge) has dissapeared and never gotten a response. Oh well. More importantly, here are new bees (bloggers) and I don’t know them! I do subscribe to a bunch of former bees’ blogs, but they’re mostly starting to have babies or battling with grad school (more where I am).

[In case anyone is wondering, I’m on a break at work, blogging. Multitasking for the win!}

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