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Yesterday, Ben and I went into work with my dad. Ben worked for a bit from my dad’s office and then went with him to an Ezra Klein, Wonkblog, lunch talk. I went to the Renwick, and had lunch with my brother, David, at Food Truck Friday on Farragut Square, where I ate calabaza, chickpea, and spinach soup from Pepe‘s food truck. YUM! I also stopped into a Weight Watchers meeting. I miss my old meeting leader.

We met up later in the afternoon and went to the National Geographic Museum to see 1001 Inventions of the Golden Age and Birds of Paradise. WOOHOO, butt wiggling mating dances! They had an interactive video game thing so that you could mimic one of the simpler mating dances.

In the evening, we stopped for a smoothie before getting in the car and going to early services at NVHC, out in Reston, so that my dad could say kaddish for his brother. We ended up staying and chatting with people and nibbling on veggies and desserts for dinner. Oops.

Today we visited another new-to-us synagogue. The rabbi was great and the people were friendly enough, but the cantor was very cantorial and the location was a bit ritzy for us. I’m feeling a bit spiritually homeless, but at least we’re making friends every other week at Segulah Minyan, in DC, with other young adults. We’ll be there next week and visit another synagogue the following week, and be back at Segulah for Purim the following Sunday. Since Ben will be finishing week 2 at his new job, I think he might want to stay home and sleep in that Saturday. Driving 20-30 minutes to go to shul sucks compared to our 8-10 minute car commute or 30-40 minute leisurely bike ride in Boulder!

Tomorrow, I think we’re going to the Postal Museum tomorrow and then meeting up with my dad and David for dinner at Joe’s. Nom nom nom. Joe’s is my pizza cognition pizza. No other NY style eggplant slice can live up to it.

Monday, I have an interview with a legal staffing agency. I’m also working on some cover letters for jobs that might not pay as well but will probably leave me a happier and more fulfilled person at the end of the day than most of the “cog in the machine” legal gigs I qualify for.

Other than that, I’m re-teaching myself how to play viola so that I can play with a local ensemble, with other transient young professionals, for their next concert cycle.

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