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What an awesome weekend! I have mild wedding envy.

Andrea’s family rented out Elm Court, in Lenox, Mass. for the weekend. It’s a mostly renovated Vanderbilt mansion in Western Mass. While we were there, they also arranged for a private tour of The Mount, Edith Whorton’s estate.

There was a beautiful welcome dinner (we got miserably lost and missed the rehearsal beforehand) that Andrea’s mom catered herself. Yum! We musicians had a giant slumber party in the unfurnished rooms in the attic. Not giant really, only 4 per room, but that made for 3 quartets worth of musicians (though Andrea’s little brother and my Ben were the only cellists and Ben doesn’t really play anymore). The wedding was Saturday evening and the Edith Whorton tour mid day Saturday (while Andrea and Franto went looking for a Massachusetts notary) and then I helped do the bridal party’s makeup before rushing to get myself pretty. BTW, wearing only spanx and a bra in a public restroom while doing hair and makeup is a great way to meet new people…. I’m glad that Andrea’s friends are so helpful or I wouldn’t have been able to zip up my own cocktail dress!

Below, I’ve posted a gallery of 50 photos my husband and I took over the weekend that I think sum up our weekend in Western Mass well.

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