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I’ve started to address our wedding invitations. I’m about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through, as of tonight. Boy am I glad that we got extra envelopes though, I think I mess up about 1 in 7. I’ve also discovered that I have trouble with double Ns, like in Vienna, or Minnesota. They just turn into never ending, undulating doodles or get mooshed together into a 4 humped M. Oh, and I somehow forgot how to write most of the capitol letters and am having to re teach myself.

Yes, I know I don’t HAVE to address them in cursive, but my regular handwriting looks too pedestrian and I tried printing/tracing fancy script on, to get perfectly centered addresses, but tracing addresses is really hard! Even when I found a font that looked like my handwriting, only more evenly spaced.

If my handwriting on your invitation is less than A+, please keep in mind that I’m not sure that I’ve written anything in cursive since the 8th grade (after that all my school papers were typed at home, or written in pencil for exams).

Thank you Franklin Sherman Elementary and Longfellow Middle School for teaching me how to write well and making me use it enough to remember 15-20 years later. Once I’m done, I don’t think I’ll ever have to write in cursive again, unless I really want to.

Stamps should arrive any day now, so hopefully I’ll get the invitations in the mail early next week. That gives people FIVE WEEKS to respond. Don’t make me send the invitation ninjas (our moms) after you for not RSVPing! If you want to keep your card, let me know, and I’ll send you another, OK?

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