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The other day was our -4 month anniversary, meaning we now have fewer than 4 months before the wedding! Ack! Actually, I’m really not stressed. We have our meeting with the florists tomorrow, and will hopefully nail down what kind of decor we’re going for. Personally, I’m torn between these two looks (click on them for sources):

orchid centerpieces

Martha Stewart - pine bough in a wide vase

Ignoring the fact that I’m lost and indecisive when it comes to how I want the ballroom to look, we’re settled on the ceremony and it’s back-up plan (white chairs on the lawn -weather permitting, a white chuppah with the quilt my mom is working on basted into the chuppah, fencing to block out the traffic, and a DJ to mic the whole thing). We’ve also decided –finally– on a ketubah and on wedding invitations as well, though we still have to finalize our order for both of those things.

The only major thing left on the list is to hire a DJ! I suppose we have to address and mail the invitations, have our tasting at the hotel, and finalize the menu, and continue planning the ceremony with Rabbi Marc, but none of those things stress me out, they just need to be done in a timely manner.

Oh, and sign up for pre marital counseling. Rabbi Marc strongly suggests that we meet with someone at least twice to do I don’t know what. Last night, we read the first two chapters of Meeting at the Well: A Jewish ┬áSpiritual Guide to Being Engaged and didn’t find it particularly helpful. I think we’re being honest with ourselves and each other. We both went through our “OMG, I’m going to marry this person” freakout before we decided to make our intention to marry one another official by becoming engaged.

Honestly, wedding planning is much more under control than I expected them to be at this point. The check list of things to do is not very long, and our wedding is coming up! It’s so weird to think that after almost 2 years of engagement that we’ll be mailing out invitations in 6 weeks. Kinda surreal.

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Hopefully no one has any objection to the regular blue ones that you’d typically see in the box-o-benchers at the synagogue, only new and with our bookplate!

B'Kol Echad USY Songster


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