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Ugh. That’s the best thing I have to say about them. There are 3 that we’re debating. All have their merits and their faults (ok, their faults are mostly price). Here are the contenders:

most affordable option – Total internet based company, no samples are available in the font/ink color we want to use. Also, to get our names in Hebrew, we have to send them exactly what we want (not a problem) as a vector graphic and let their graphics people place it for us. We’ll get a PDF proof before the presses are run.

middle priced option – Supports a local business to Ben’s parents (in Brookline), but I’d have to order the accent ribbon online and then mail it to the invitation people because neither of us like Apple Green (read neon green) as an accent color. Mossy/olive greens are much preferable. The shop is more than willing to work with us and is very comfortable with Hebrew (it’s a Judaica shop).

expensive option – Letter press (so pretty) with a Flatirons graphic. Totally awesome, 100% customizable, and made by a local artist. We can get exactly what we want, we just have to be willing to pay for it….

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All of our save the date magnets (expect for a few of Ben’s friends who have no decorum) have been mailed!


We ordered these a while back, from poseprints.com, and they were moving their office at the time. Things got complicated because I accidently ordered too few and tried via voice mail to change my order (I refuse to email my credit card info). About a month after our initial order we got the increased order in the mail at no extra charge! (I called to check on this, since it was totally my fault that I hadn’t ordered enough and Jen, the owner, explained that their usual turnaround was 7-10 days and that she was comping us the extra 25 magnets because we got lost in the move.)

They came with envelopes (linen-y feeling, and not thick enough to not been seen though) and little plastic sleeves and the magnets themselves are nice and thick and glossy and rounded on the edges like they were made of enameled. Definitely worth the sale price we’d paid for them. If there were actual product photos on the site, I might even go so far as to say that they’re worth the full price, but why bother when we were able to get 50% off? I’d take a picture of the one on our fridge, but there’s a cute/funny/naughty magnetic poem next to it and I don’t want to disturb the tableau.

the blip on Ben's cheek is gone in the final copy

That’s the true size. This is the proof and I commented on the response form that there was a white blip on Ben’s inside cheek, they got back to me right away that they weren’t sure what that was but that it would be gone in the final product (it was).

Hand addressing them was a fun adventure too. I used a green ballpoint pen and just started working my way down the list while the dude tried to figure out how to print the return address on the little envelops and how to format the printer. We got done at about the same time since he could only feed 5 or so at a time and kept taking breaks to make dinner while I addressed away.

Anyway, they’ve been mailed to family and out of town friends, handed out to local friends, and we’re waiting to distribute a few more by hand (Ben can’t seem to wrangle the last few addresses) at our engagement/tea party at his parents’ house in 2 weeks. I would have saved postage and handed out more, but my aunts wanted to host a bridal shower which made me want to meet his family friends more (thus the tea party) and I wanted the magnets in the mail before people got invited to a party/shower and didn’t actually know when the wedding is scheduled for.

Oh, and one last thing, the envelope is standard size and the magnet isn’t a bump. I tried going to the neighborhood post office and the jerk behind the counter gave an envelope a eyeball and hefted it and told me that it was undersized and too thick and would need extra postage. I had 105 US and 3 international to mail, I was not about to pay $0.64 for domestic mailings and who knows how much for international. I calmly walked out and drove to CU’s off-campus book store where I there’s a postal annex (it’s also just over a mile closer than going all the way downtown). I told the woman behind the counter what had happened at the last post office so she weighed, measured, and stuck the envelope through a slotted plastic thingy. It passed all the tests of being a normal, mailable envelope and she then handed me a bucket of $0.44 stamps to pick through and helped another customer. WOW! Even though I have to drive past the local post office and then another 2 miles and look for parking when I get there, when it comes time to mail anything ever again, I’m going to the bookstore annex so that I can get some decent customer service! The local post office is now only good for picking up oversized packages, IMHO.

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Like fancy stamps! Wow. Zazzle is a cool service that lets you print your own stamps. That’s nifty, right? To see your own artwork on stamps? Yes, but there’s over a 100% markup for it! It’s about $20 for a sheet of 20, $0.44 stamps. Yes, you read that right, more than twice what the stamps are worth as postage. Cool stamps are just not worth paying almost 2/3 more than the postage value of the stamp. We’re going to stick with standard USPS stamps for our invitations (when we get around to ordering, printing, and mailing them this summer). Just that I’d share this PSA.

BTW, where is our invitation to DJ and Jeanine’s wedding? It’s 7 weeks away and I’m not about to make formal plans to go until I get an invitation…. They asked for our address and we talked about how excited we were to come when they visited in October. My parents haven’t gotten their invitation yet either, so I don’t think we’re no longer invited. Oh well. We’ll just keep their wedding date on the calendar and keep any travel plans on hold until we get the GO signal via mail. [Hopefully this won’t be a concern for our wedding since we sent out save the date magnets and will be mailing the invitations 9 weeks out. 3 weeks is long enough to respond, right? That gives us 6 weeks of working with actual attendance numbers to make plans here.]

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letterpress is so fancy

I’m not sure that Ben and I are letterpress kinda people. To me letterpress wedding invitations are generally super formal, which we’re not. But, if we won a FREE letter pressing it from iDiY.com, I would be more than willing to a) make our own invites and b) be able to make not formal looking letterpress invites.


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