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Can I just say that I love our shoes. Actually, I’m in love with our wedding day outfits overall. I think we both looked AH-mazing.

PS- please let me know if you’d like to wear my shoes (US 6.5) or cardigan (petite large) again for your own wedding; I’d love to see them on another bride!

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Those gloves were loaned to me by my birthday twin, WAJR. They are the ONLY thing still missing from the wedding. I feel AWFUL about that because I know she lost her rosary on her wedding day (someone took her bouquet, with it still attached!) and now I feel like there’s some sort of wedding jinx. Anyway, incase my mother had forgotten the brooch I wore, they were going to be my something old and something borrowed.

Once I get around to oxycleaning 2 pairs of my my mothers gloves (one of which look quite similar) I’ll give them to WAJR since she looks extra-super-fab in authentic mid-century clothing where as only my hands and feet fit in things from that era that aren’t plus sized or “full figured.” Anyway, I owe her some gloves, though I’m sure my mother’s gloves that she wore to her sweet 16 party don’t have the same sentimental value of ones wore to her own wedding, and mine, but they are a 1/2 size bigger and the “old, borrowed” gloves were a 6, not 6 1/2.

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Rachel, from ZING, did my hair. She was great. My hair stayed put all day, and she was very calm and quiet while doing my hair. I don’t remember her once asking me to do anything other than look up/down/to the side. Plus, my head didn’t ache at the end of the day like it did after my trial!

There were a LOT of bobbie pins in my hair, but look at that shiny pile of curls!

At that point, I had to get up and stretch. I think this was also when Miri came in and dropped off her baby for me to snuggle.

And the crowning touch, my tiara!

Also, did you notice a difference in photo quality there? The first photo is with my old point-and-shoot and the later ones were with the new camera we received as a wedding present. Andrea used both to take some photos of me getting ready and of the bedekin/ketubah as well.

While Rachel was fussing with my hair, Amanda, from Kokoro Photography, took photos of many of my accessories and details. Her mom and partner, Debi, took lots of photos of Ben (I’ll post those tomorrow).

I know that my mom thinks that these photos of what I wore are excessive, but I appreciate them! I spend all that time and effort gathering them, it’s nice to have that documented. Plus, now you all can see them! Would anyone like to borrow the veil, tiara, shoes (size 6.5), or earrings? I suppose I could just pass on those accessories, and they can make their way through the world. Especially the veil, when can I ever wear that again?! I suppose it’ll just stick around as a future dress-up item if no one else wants it.

I’m sure I’ll find other reasons to wear the earrings and shoes again, the brooch is my great-great grandmother’s (or her sister’s) and is in my mother’s keeping, the pearl bracelet is from my grandma via my uncle Richard. Everything else is new.

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To look the most awesome I’ve ever looked for our wedding, I have everything but a hairdresser. Originally my cousin was going to do my hair, but I’m not OK with her doing it without a trial. Sadly, the hotel’s salon and spa has been booked from 9-4 for an entire wedding party (a wedding that isn’t even taking place at the St. Julien!). Ugh. I’m f’ed you guys. Who is going to do my hair?! I don’t think what I want is TOO complicated, but I can’t do it myself. WHAAAAAA!

Thankfully I have everything else figured out: dress, undergarments, bouquet, shoes, sweater, and most of my jewelry (mom, WHERE THE HECK IS MY BRACELET? IT HAS NEVER BEEN IN COLORADO!)

Oooh, I need to schedule my makeup lesson!

I also need to figure out which antiperspirant actually works, because I’m a sweaty beast. Any suggestions? Secret clinical strength is crap, FYI. And Degree clinical strength doesn’t work any better than the regular one after about noon (but I’m sweat free when I wake up and all morning).

Goal for the next -3 weeks: find an f’n hair dresser, book makeup lesson, find antiperspirant that works, avoid stress (AKA sad tummy and pimples), go to bed early and get lots of sleep, drink lots of water.

Have I left anything off the list (other than finishing craft projects)?

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OK, so I’m weird about some things. One of them being jewelry. I’m partial to yellow gold, but I’m starting to think that I look better in silver tones than yellow gold. This is a problem because my brain requires my metals to match each other (though I don’t think that my engagement ring and wedding band will have to match all my other jewelry every day).

I think I liked yellow gold because it blends into my skin tone more, but silver really sparkles against it. Boo. My favorite everyday earrings are yellow gold and silver together, so those are fine to wear with the magen dovid necklace I wear everyday.

Anyway, my concern is with this metals-must-match thing that’s in my head. My shoes have TINY gold buckles on them, and the tiara I have is on gold plated wire, but it blends into my hair and I REALLY want some sparkle on my head. Then I went and wore silver dangly earrings to my cousin’s wedding last weekend (sorry, forgot to take a photo of myself) and my pearls with the white gold clasp, and now I want to wear silver! But gold is better with ivory.

Stupid things to fret about, no? I’ll stick with what I have and gold tones, because I think they’re more “me” even if silver stands out more. Now, I want to go to the new bead store here in Boulder and try and make earrings like these, that match my tiara, but with gold wires (you know, so they match…..):

Audrey Earrings, tigerlilly.com

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sequin boots

sequin boots

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I’ve kinda set up a makeshift pedestal for my wedding shoes. An empty box of copy paper with shoes on top of it at the end of the couch in the living room. I see them at least a few times a day. Yes, I think they’re that pretty and yes, they still make me smile.

sparkly ballet flats

Caparros Calyx

PS- I’m wearing the heels around the house to break them in slowly (and just to get used to wearing +3″ heels that aren’t wedges or boots)

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more shoes

So I’m now deciding between two pairs of shoes. In the perfect world, I’d combine the two. I like the toe of one, and the heel strap on another. Bah.

I love the toe area of the Calyx Satin Flower Sandal, by Caparros and the ankle strap part of the Danni, by Caparros. In my perfect world, I’d be able to combine the two.

Danni, by Caparros

Danni, by Caparros

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So I somehow got it in my head that it will be easier to pick out the silks for my wedding dress once I have shoes, since it’s more difficult to match fabric swatches to online photos. This meant that last night I spent almost $500 on 8 pairs of shoes. Yes, that’s more than I try and live off of each month in my current state of employment.

I’m hoping that of the 9 pairs of potential wedding shoes I ordered, at least 1 will make me feel like prancing around in the kitchen all afternoon. Once I have my dress and shoes and veil, it’s going to be difficult to stop myself from prancing around in my wedding outfit. I had a hard enough time staying out of Mrs. Lady Bear’s fluffy pink veil, back in July.

Many things were learned in my EPIC HUNT FOR WEDDING SHOES yesterday. Here’s my ranking of stores at the Flatirons Mall in Broomfield, CO.

  1. Dillards had the most helpful staff (I was being assisted by their shoe manager, that may have had something to do with it). But, not a whole lot in the store in ivory and I hadn’t pre-perused their website because I don’t have a membership thing with them and just never thought about it.
  2. DSW was the black sheep. I somehow forgot how awesome they are! OMG, they had half of shoes I ordered online last night (only $200). Most o them, they had in the store to try on, if only in black or some other pedestrian color. Sadly, my favorites are no longer available in ivory.* I also bought the most amazing, make me smile, happy Deena, ballet flats. How can you not love these?** ->
  3. Payless had lots of trendy shoes that didn’t fit poorly! I’m always amazed when I can find something there, and I usually do, but then talk myself out of it. I did buy these (but am returning them after wearing them around the house for 20 min, in exchange for these mary janes) and seriously considered ordering these Lila Rose shoes, but the heel just seemed a tad far back on the shoe/foot to really feel balanced in. The shoe part fit beautifully and the custom dyed-to-order satins (for x2 the white pleather in-store version) felt and looked really nice.
  4. Nordstrom’s shoe sales people seem a bit shy. But, they have WEDDING DRESSES! OMG, I knew they had them online, but I forgot that you can return them to the stores. My body double (with smaller boobs) ordered a whole bunch of dresses and returned them. In petite sizes! Do you people know how hard it is to find petite sizes?! The lady in the Specially Occasions dress department even went hunting for (and found) foundation garments for me to try on under the dresses.*** Sadly, none of the dresses fit me well enough to seriously consider, even for only $175 (or the woman who ordered them originally either).
  5. Macy’s has lots of shoes, but they don’t carry all the colors of each line, check online before going. Their sales staff also seems less reliable, though maybe I just got the new girl and her indifferent and matronly compatriot. It IS however a good place to go and try things on because they have SO MANY SHOES. Even if they did manage to loose the right foot of the only size 6.5  pair of these shoes they had.

Zappos isn’t in the mall, so I can’t rank them. I’ve never ordered from them before, but I’ve heard people gush. I ordered 4 pairs for shoes for almost $300. Their prices were the same as everywhere else for the shoes that I saw elsewhere, but they didn’t have as many of the lower price range evening shoes in ivory. Here’s a smash-up of the shoes I ordered from zappos, plus some other fun stuff too:

ISO wedding shoes

Oh, you want more shoe porn? Me too! Too bad DSW doesn’t let polyvore grab pictures. Here are links and short descriptions to the shoes I can’t grab photos of:

*I emailed zappos and DSW’s customer service agents to try and hunt them down for me. Neither one could find them, but both gave the same reason why: those shoes haven’t been made in ivory since 2008. Zappos did go on to tell me that the shoes came out in 2006 and are unlikely to be revived, though they’ll let me know if they find a pair.
**Oddly, the sparkly shoes are NOT Jones New York, they definitely say Nine West in the shoes and on the box. I got them for 40% off and had to buy jelly arches for them because they have NO support and I had to buy them a bit on the smaller side to fit and have been prancing around the house in them for the last 24 hours.
**note to self- when trying on wedding dresses a good strapless bra and spanxs are a must. Kelly green lowrise briefs are VERY obvious under white chiffon.

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