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Exactly one year ago I put on this dress (with the help of my girlfriends):
Then I met Ben in the rotunda of the St. Julien Hotel and Spa:
Then we went to our Bidekin:

taking the rabbi's talit to symbolize choosing my husband

Where we signed these documents:
And stood under this chuppah:
quilted chuppah
Where we drank wine:
Where supported by our Rabbi and our friends:
And supported by our families:
Put on our wedding bands:
Then we kissed:

the "OMG, we're married!" kiss (with our beautiful ketubah in the background)

And we realized how blessed we are (and kissed some more):
Partied a little:
Lit some bananas foster on fire:
And had lots of fun at a bar:
And ended the night hanging out alone here:

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The photo above is of my father-in-law, Louis, playing pool with Ben’s cousin Matt. They both look so serious, I need to be like that more often.

Side note: please see the poll below about what you’d like me to write more about.

me pretending to be choked by Ben (gently) putting a glowstick necklace on me at our after party

The next photo, of is of me making a weird face while Ben looks like he’s lovingly shushing me, really bugs me because I know that I was being goofy and he was being loving and it really bothers me when I miss the mark like that. Plus, it’s a really unattractive photo of me! Why couldn’t I spend all day wrapped up in my “love blankie” with him? Why can’t I still? What is holding me back from being present in my own life? I keep giving myself excuses for not being present, I hurt my knee so I can’t do yoga, I’m tired so I’ll just throw together freezer staples instead of real/affordable/more nutritionally dense meal, it’s late so let’s just go to sleep without snuggles. Yeah, I’m lacking in accountability right now and looking back on the wedding I wish I could go back to that mental state I was in for the ceremony and reception (before I apparently burnt out and went goofy at the after party) and just be me without false pretenses or excuses. Maybe I’m in a funk because I’m tired of the reply to my job applications being a phishing response (no, I do not think that you need my SSN or for me to go to another site that STILL doesn’t list your company’s name) to my earnest cover letter/resumes that I send out.

I’m just frustrated with looking for a job, again. WHY DO I HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS EVERY YEAR!? I felt like I was being so practical when I went back to school TWICE after graduation to study business and paralegal studies. I suppose those two certificates have made me more marketable than just a BA in music, but I feel like I’ve only been employed at the level I’d like to be for about 1/2 of my time since graduating. And just as a reminder, I graduated in May 2007, over 3 years ago. That’s 50% of my life as a college graduate spent unemployed, looking for work, or doing menial jobs at data entry and a grocery store bakery just to not feel like a burden and at least be able to pay for my own health insurance and gasoline.

The good news is, I suppose, that I won’t have to negotiate time off for the high holidays. They had lined themselves up so well this year! I would only have need to ask for 2 days for Rosh Hashanah and a 1/2 day for erev Yom Kippur.

Ok, thanks for reading through this co-opted post all the way to the end. I meant for my last wedding photo post to be all lovey-dovey but that photo just set me off because I’m so disappointed with my behavior in it and I needed to get that out. I’ll try and get back to my regularly bubbly self soon. Seriously, once my knee is better maybe I’ll go back to yoga. Maybe I’ll even go today, there’s a class with an instructor that I really like in 45 minutes. I’ll just take some advil with a small glass of milk and be on my merry way.

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I love this photo… We’ve got Our Lady of the Bear Cave looking cozy (or is that mildly threatening?) with a beer and Mia and Ethan playing pool with her! Having a big wedding reception is such an amazing opportunity to bring friends together from all walks of life. See, I collect people. Invited to our wedding were friends of mine from home-home (school friends and family friends), Interlochen (camp AND academy), my time at CCPA in Chicago, and of course some Boulder folks from CU and Bonai. Apparently, I collect tall blond women as a sub category (see, Katie, Whitney F., and Mia).

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Because we had a lunchtime wedding we had a lot of unscheduled time in the evening, after our venue politely kicked us out at 5 PM, so we made plans with a bar across the street (The Attic) to have a low-key after party. We gave our guests glowstick bracelets and those acted as their key to an open bar. We also had them serve tater tots and sweet potato fries with a variety of toppings (ranch dressing, BBQ sauce, and regular catsup). It was a BLAST and I’m so glad that we had the extra time to spend with our friends and family in a laid back environment. Some people even went to their hotel rooms and changed before going to the bar!

Does anyone else have Pink  singing in their head right now? We’re coming up!

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I’ve only got a few pro photos left to share with you all and it’s almost our anniversary too! I think we’re going to put off our anniversary celebrations until our Hebrew calendar anniversary (2nd of Cheshvan) on Saturday, October 29th. Hopefully we won’t feel so cash strapped that we can’t go to some hot springs either a nice weekend at a so-so motel in Glenwood Springs or a day trip to Idaho Springs. We like hot springs :), they’re warm and wet and so much fun in the evening when you can see the stars from a giant hot tub-like pool.

contemplating vampire love bites!

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On our way over to The Attic for our after party, we passed by a costume shop that happened to have a vampy bride in their display window. how perfect! So we stopped and took a few photos in the misty drizzle. I sure look like I was having fun, but I barely remember this 10 minutes of my life– I was so high on love and family and friends!





OK, in the photo above I was going in to bite his neck, like a vampire but wimped  out and nibbled his ear instead. It’s hard to pretend to want to kill your brand new husband!

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That would be my husband, waiting for me all James Bond like at the hotel bar while I go through the ordeal of using the toilet on our wedding day. I like him. My husband is a good guy, so here’s another photo of him!

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Oh my goodness, people. I’ve been published! Seriously! And 42 people have commented so far. The warm fuzzies are seriously flowing over at A Practical Wedding.

Please read my Wedding Graduate post over at A Practical Wedding:


Oh and I hope my dad doesn’t mind, but he had the sweetest comment so I’m going to repost it, along with the photo he’s talking about.

Deena – I like the way this reads.  Also very impressed by the rave reviews that follow.  You should download this or otherwise make sure tht you capture it for inclusion in your wedding files, as stuff on the web has a way of disappearing eventually.

The only suggestion I have for improving it at this late date would be to include a photo of you and Ben at the pool table at the after-party.

Sounds like you might be responsible for a mini-boom in twirly dresses!

Happy birthday.  Love, Dad










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I love this photo, it’s so US. Ben’s being all sweet and trying to kiss me and I’m laughing like a hyena. Plus, there are MOUNTAINS in the background. I’m not sure how I’ll live without being by a major geological landmark; first it was Green Lake in Interlochen, then Lake Michigan in Chicago, and now the Flatirons in Boulder. Where to next?

Ben might be graduating next December (2012) and then we’re off to wherever he does his post doctoral work. Kinda awesome how smart my husband is. Might be the Boston area, might be the DC area, or even Yale, in Connecticut!

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look at me!

After the ceremony and some alone time we took a few photos before joining the reception. Here’s me:

Oh my goodness am I an awkward photography subject. No wonder it’s so hard to become a model, not only do you have to physically fit the socially enforced parameters, you have to not look AWKWARD in front of the camera. I am awkward.

In spite of the fact that I’m kneeling on a COLD marble  floor to pose for this photo, I LOVE it.

Again, I’m AWKWARD. Cold marble in the spa, again, and visually flirting with a tree doesn’t really do it for me. Oh well, it shows off the neckline of my dress well.

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