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First off, A Practical Wedding is where I feel like my wedding-planning peers reside. Real weddings, not stylized fluff and Anthropology window-esque scene setting. Real women and men marrying real women or men. Anyway, the article I’ve linked to above has a great bit that kinda makes me love the site more and me a little less. I am OHSNAP, even if it truly wasn’t me that wrote that question. I think every bloggy bride is OHSNAP, stalking their vendors and hoping to see themselves posted amongst the other beautiful vignettes that inspired them in the first place. Seriously, who doesn’t want to be an inspiration?!

Sarah & Luc's wedding, Brothers and Sisters

Second, can I just take a minute to point out that I LOVED Sarah Walker’s outfit in Sunday’s Brothers and Sisters. I can’t help but feel that she was going for the same rockin’ 50s-ish vibe I did with my own wedding outfit. Twirly, flirty, fun, and with kick ass heels and a poofy veil to top it all off. I seriously looked at veils like hers, but realized that I wanted something more traditional to cover my face with at the bidekin. POOF! YEAH!

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The photo I posted yesterday was #76 from my photographer’s stamped collection for us. Before I babbled about cakes all I could think about was Music Man. I’m a dork.

Also, slightly weird lately, I like being on the same hormones for as long as possible not changing all the time. I think I need new glasses too, things aren’t quite in focus up close lately. I might be turning into an old lady who needs glasses.

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hysterical laughing

(c) Kokoro Photography

Amanda (one of our photographers), Ben, and I have been working on finalizing our wedding album. It is too many pages. Way too many pages. The standard 30 pages is fine for a Christian wedding, but not a Jewish wedding with multiple parts to it!

Anyway, while looking through our photographs again I’ve found more evidence that I laugh like a hyena and need to cover up my bubbies some more. The seamstress added 1.5″ of extra fabric to the top of my dress to cover them up better, but they apparently still tried to make an attempted escape! Next time, I’ll wear a turtle neck.

PS- I love that even in a b/w photo, you can see the deepness of the purple in my sapphire. Who needs diamonds when you can have purple!

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I wish I remembered all the nice things that our parents said about us.

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happy veterans day!

Thanks to all the vets in my life: my grandpa (who passed away in 2009), and Ben’s grandpa (who was at the wedding and danced with me [see above]). Thank you for defending freedom for us. What you did, and what your compatriots and current counterparts are doing is so very important to keeping America and other places around the world safe.


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I know I’m behind the ball, but here’s an awesome video to brighten you’re bay if you’re watching the weather hate on you in Colorado (or anywhere else for that matter).


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When Katie toasted (or roasted?) us, she said it should feel like we’ve gotten away with murder for marrying each other. I’m not sure murder is the right way to describe it. While on our honeymoon in Napa/Sonoma California, Ben and I figured it out: we feel like we smuggled a case of wine. Maybe we stole it, maybe we snuck it through customs, but either way there is a case of very good wine involved and not murder at all.

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But I’m 99% certain they’re all coming. The final tally is 105, including 3 kiddos age 2 and under, and two 5 year olds.

Yey, there will be kiddos in my kiddie parade!

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This morning, before it was 90+ degrees outside and we went to TWO sukkah building parties, Ben and I picked out a thank you gift for our parents. I’d already picked out and had my mom pickup gifts for the siblings, but we thought we’d get something awesome but more of a token for our parents. I’m happy with what we picked out. Hopefully it’ll be as awesome in person.

We also went to the GoBoulder/Boulder Chamber of Commerce and picked up lots of helpful literature for the welcome bags. Tonight’s goal: get the bags labeled. I’ll work on stuffing them later, now that I have all the stuffings.

This week I’ve got another dress fitting (it’s a little too big now, just an inch, but yey!) and then a “craft date” with a girlfriend to finish the ribbon wands.

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a virtual flood of RSVPs

Yes, you can see the last bar is slightly higher than previous response bars, we decided to add a few more last minute people, and a few people decided that without their flavors of the month/year/etc. they would be lost and alone, and could they please bring their significant others? I understand my young cousin, and I understand my mom’s friend who’s going to be visiting her long distance boyfriend and hour away from Boulder while she’s here, but my friend, whom I didn’t even know HAD a boyfriend? Uuuuh, whatever. I should be nice, Ben and I were inseparable after we met, and I’m not sure more than my closest friends and my grandmother knew he existed until after the High Holidays (when he smashed my foot!).

</rambling rant>

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