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You Can’t Go Back Again….. Or Can You? An Essay On Memories and Interlochen – Overbooked and Underpaid: Notes from a Yes-aholic.

I was there in summers before and after the benches were replaced, The Bowl was renovated, Frohlich Piano and Percussion Building  and The Harvey Theatre were opened, so to me it looks EXACTLY how I left it other than uniforms have changed (badges are now on lanyards instead of buttons worn on the hip, and girls are allowed to wear pants -not only shorts or knickers) and there are a few more new buildings that I haven’t seen yet.

Interlochen Center for the Arts

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Fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe (ACOUSTIC)

Wow, they’re just beautiful to watch perform! It’s so great to see performers having fun in their work. Their radio version is my real ear worm, but the video makes NO sense to me! It’s such a beautiful, uplifting song (to me), so what’s with the bar brawl?! I’ll let you decide which version you like better.

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If Despicable Me didn’t look like such an awful movie from the commercials (I just got around to watching it today and it’s actually quite cute), then I might have asked the DJ to play this song at our wedding.

Heheh. “I met a pretty girl. She was from D.C.”

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After the bedekin it felt like everything went on warp speed/auto pilot and I was just along for the ride. MiMi helped me make sure my veil would stay on, tied our rings onto a ribbon so that they weren’t loose in Ben’s pocket, and our parents helped Ben into his kittle. The same kittle my mom spent 2-3 days making for him after my attempts were thwarted by my fuzzy bridal brain (never ask a bride to do arithmetic or cut fabric).

Before walking down the aisle, I wish I could have heard the ceremony music better but because it was so chilly and damp out I was sequestered behind closed doors. When I did try and crack the door open to listen, our DOC pushed the door shut again, saying that it wasn’t my turn yet. :( Oh well, it sounded great through the doors!

Here’s what happened (from the program). Remember, all the music was by La Bella Brass Quintet:


Great Gate of Kiev Mussorgsky

Shepherd’s HeyGrainger

Quintet No. 3 movement IEwald <-they ended up playing the entire piece because the bedekin took so much longer than expected

Kiddie Parade

Carnival of The Animals, Royal March of the LionsSaint-Saens

Processional and Circling

Western Fanfare Ewazen (grandparents and siblings)

Earl of Oxfords MarchByrd (Ben, AKA the groom)

Les PreludesLiszt (me, AKA the bride as a I processed w/ my parents and then circled Ben 7 +1 extra time for no reason)


lighting a memorial candle

Kiddushin (or Erusin)

blessing over wine and marriage and betrothal and ring ceremony

Reading of the Ketubah


I Like You (excerpt), by Sandol Stoddard


reading the Sheva B’rachot

Oseh Shalom

traditional Jewish song

Birkat Cohanim

priestly blessing

Breaking the Glass!


Simmon Tov u Mazel Tov!



Die BankelsangerliederAnonymous

Quintet No. 3 movement IVEwald

Ben looks so serious in the above photo! But, I’m glad his parents look so happy. It looks like less of a gangplank walk this way :-P

This is where my mom told me to think of my HS graduation, and be glad that it wasn’t snowing at the wedding too.

And I laughed down the aisle. I wish I’d remembered to look at Ben before circling him. Whoops.

At least I got to look at him at the end of the aisle, that’s what matters. Poor, cold guests. There were blankets for them to use on their laps, but only my girlfriends whom I’d mentioned the blankets to took them and then wore them like cloaks!

Also, see those 2 video cameras? Why haven’t I seen ANY video yet? I know my friend Miri taped it for us, but it’s in PAL format and she needs to find someone to convert it to regular DVD for us. Someday, it’ll make a great belated wedding gift.

Ceremony to be continued….

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’cause if you got a magnet in the mail 6+ months ago, you’ll be getting an invitation! The bulk of today was spent doing wedding-related activities. We got up at a reasonable hour (8:30 on a weekend is EARLY for us), and went into Denver to meet with a potential DJ (I’ll sign the contract later this week). Then we did some shopping at our favorite Japanese market, stopped at Costco for lunch, stamps, and cheese, and then stuffed envelopes ALL AFTERNOON.

Seriously, who knew that it would take 3 hours to stuff and address 120 inner envelopes, match them to their outer envelopes (they were both mostly in order), and then stamp and seal them? At least I got the last of the outer envelopes addressed on Thursday!

Back to the DJ, he reminded us that we’re not that far out from our wedding date, and that anyone who might want to make a toast should start planning their speech now and let us know so that we can be sure to give you the microphone.

Side note: my friend Andrea is probably getting married at this beautiful estate in March, so I’ll share a picture of it with you all, because I’m a lazy-ass blogger and am not taking a photo of all my invitations lined up. In fact, I haven’t taken a single photo of an invitation, not even the ones I’m sending to the Obamas or the Ritters! Ha, take THAT blob-o-sphere! I rebel by blogging?

Elm Court, Lenox, Mass.

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Contract signed with the florist! There will be a chuppah with aspen supports and the tables won’t be bare.

We also ordered a ketubah!


To do/find/book:

  • order invites
  • DJ/ceremony sound guy
  • ceremony musicians
  • menu tasting/finalization

I’ve been thinking about having a brass quintet/quartet. Ben’s not sold, but I think it’ll be easier than trying to mic a string quartet. Then again, I’ve never tried to mic anyone!

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Sarah McLachlan Ice Cream Lyrics

Your love is better than ice cream
Better than anything else that I’ve tried
And your love is better than ice cream
Everyone here know how to fight

And it’s a long way down
It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down to the place
Where we started from

Your love is better than chocolate
Better than anything else that I’ve tried
Oh love is better than chocolate
Everyone here knows how to cry

It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down to the place
Where we started from…

Songwriters: Mclachlan, Sarah


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