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OK, so I’m weird about some things. One of them being jewelry. I’m partial to yellow gold, but I’m starting to think that I look better in silver tones than yellow gold. This is a problem because my brain requires my metals to match each other (though I don’t think that my engagement ring and wedding band will have to match all my other jewelry every day).

I think I liked yellow gold because it blends into my skin tone more, but silver really sparkles against it. Boo. My favorite everyday earrings are yellow gold and silver together, so those are fine to wear with the magen dovid necklace I wear everyday.

Anyway, my concern is with this metals-must-match thing that’s in my head. My shoes have TINY gold buckles on them, and the tiara I have is on gold plated wire, but it blends into my hair and I REALLY want some sparkle on my head. Then I went and wore silver dangly earrings to my cousin’s wedding last weekend (sorry, forgot to take a photo of myself) and my pearls with the white gold clasp, and now I want to wear silver! But gold is better with ivory.

Stupid things to fret about, no? I’ll stick with what I have and gold tones, because I think they’re more “me” even if silver stands out more. Now, I want to go to the new bead store here in Boulder and try and make earrings like these, that match my tiara, but with gold wires (you know, so they match…..):

Audrey Earrings, tigerlilly.com

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I just ordered a TIARA! Yeah. Me. Wearing a tiara. It was 1/2 off because it’s a sample. Oh darn. Someone wore my tiara to a photo shoot and it’s not virgin jewelry, the shame! Pfff, it was on sale! Seriously. I wouldn’t care if someone wore it to a funeral. You’re talking to the girl who fell in love with sparkly shoes from the DSW clearance rack. If I could find a used dress I liked as much as the one in my head, I’d probably order it too.

Oh, and don’t worry, it won’t have any rhinestones at all. I’m not that southern, actually I’m not southern at all (take that you damned Red Socks groom [Yankee would sound better, but then I’d have to endure a tickle and/or sock war once he reads this]). I was born in The District and DC was the capitol of the Union, you know.

So, there you go. I now have everything I plan on wearing to our wedding but my dress and there won’t be any rhinestones on that either. I’ll have to make my short fluffy veil now so that I can play with the placement of the veil and my rhinestone free tiara. Good thing I’ve had the supplies sitting in the laundry closet for a few months now.

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I took that one after Ben gave the ring to me and before he proposed. Yes, he gave me the ring, we were both full from dinner, took a potty break, and then went across the street to the plaza in front of the Boulder County Court House to properly ask me to be his wife.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the ring. It was still to big/chunky then, it’s little sleeker now, I should take new photos.


That’s the best picture I got that shows the sides and stuff of the ring.

Needless to say: I love purple almost as much as I love my future Mister!

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