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I just got REALLY busy. First, we moved into an apartment (WOOHOO!) in Rockville, MD, with a big patio. It’s a 2ish bedroom/1 bath, 900 sf with a HUGE patio. There are two little caveats though: the only grills allowed are electric (WFT?), and we’re in the corner of the courtyard and get almost no direct sunlight. Oh well, the plants from my dad are still doing well and we’ll be super glad of the lack of direct light in the summer, when it’s super hot outside.

Two days after we moved in I went on a 2 day business trip to New York with my dad. We saw Jersey Boys, I met up with a friend at an awesome bakery, I took a tour of the New York Public Library, ate an amazing salmon burger at Oceana, and took my first Amtrak Acela trip (it wasn’t much different from the regular train, just an hour faster and with more power outlets).

After I clean for Shabbat I’ll try and remember to take photos of the apartment. We’ve been there for 2 weeks now and there are only 5-6 boxes left to unpack!

Here are some photos from the Library:

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fridge follies

Our refrigerator is busted, but the freezer is still working. Weird, I know. The repair guy said that for our model fridge, it’s pretty common. Ugh. We’re having to toss a lot more food than we thought as most of our home made condiments are growing mold after 4 days at 50-60 F, not the recommended 37 F. Yey preservatives? We’ll have to check everything out and see if we can keep it or not once the fridge is working. Bummer.

Thanks to all my local friends who’ve offered up their coolers after my Facebook plea last night. While the repair guy is here I’ll have to move all the freezer stuff into the cooler while he’s fixing it.

I’m glad that we don’t own our unit, the more we rent the less I want to buy -as long as we have a tolerable landlord. Though it would be nice to be able to paint the walls and plant food gardens if we ever have land to do so.

In other news: I’ve signed us up for the Slow Food vs. Fast Food $5 challenge. That’s what I try and do with 95% of the meals I cook anyway!

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