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I got my first confirmation (x3 now) that people actually received and appreciated our save the date magnets. YEY! Apparently I was initiated into the world of being a bride when I tried to mail them on Monday: Post Offices hate brides. So, I went to the postal annex in the off-campus bookstore. They were great. The lady at the desk took the time to measure and weigh a little envelope to make sure that it passed muster for standard stamps and then handed me a bucket of stamps to pick out which ones I wanted! And when I asked for 3 international stamps, she gave me the air mail stamps without any prompting. Off-campus bookstore postal annex lady, you rock!

Ben and I also went and met with a potential florist today. She was cool, apparently she’s a dance and hula hoop instructor when she’s not a florist. She had some neat ideas, but might be a bit too wood nymph-y for our more modern aesthetic.

Random question posed to the lurkers out there: did you get your magnet, and when? and do we mail magnets to our vendors as well?

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woohoo. We’re meeting with the flower lady either this Friday or next to talk about simple orchid arrangements. Woohoo for un-flowers! Sadly, we’ve been talked down from from the breadbasket-centerpiece idea because every coordinator/planner involved has told us how sad it will look once everyone eats it. It’s true, an empty bread basket isn’t nearly as attractive as a full one.

green and white orchid

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