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I had an interview on Friday afternoon for a job¬†as an admin/Jr. paralegal at a firm in Denver who represents HOAs and conveniences. I think that the interview went well, but I also know that I’m the youngest/lest qualified candidate who’s being interviewed for the position. If I get the job, it’s based on my asked for the least amount of money and my sparking personality; possibly based on my mold-ability too.

Having a job would be great. I’m getting kinda bored hanging out with myself. Thankful, I’ve cashed in 3 of my 10 birthday credits from Ben (he gave me a home made gift certificate for 10 dance or other athletic classes) and he bought me another Groupon (seeing a theme?) for 3 pole dance classes at Boulder Spirals. I’m also going to buy a book of local bus passes this weekend and start going to a free yoga class being offered at the university on Wednesday evenings (5:30-7). Maybe I’ll meet other friends! I met Miri at a belly dancing class at the university rec center and neither of us were students!

What else am I doing to keep busy? Lisa and I spent most of Friday getting to and going to the new IKEA before my interview (I got there right on time, 10 minutes before I was due). I did very well and only bought what Ben and I had discussed, a summer weight comforter (so I don’t keep alternatively turning down the temp or throwing off the blankets in a sweaty fit in my sleep), a bold colored duvet cover (ours is quite faded after 4 years of biweekly washings), and some place mats (need to swap the colorful ones I got for the metallic ones we can’t really afford) because I’m tired of ironing the nice cotton ones my mom got us from Vietnam.

I need a job to support my shopping/ingredient buying/craft supply hoarding habits.

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hooray for dads!

Happy father’s day to Louis and Grampa Bob (who are benching SO admirably for us).

And to my dad too!

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In case you somehow missed it, Ben and I can’t dance. Well, we can hug-n-waggle like middle schooler, and I can booty dance, night club style, but we can’t ballroom dance. It’s pretty sad. Oh well.

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cat’s cradle?

Not everyone likes to dance.

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Ben’s mom looks genuinely surprised that her son knows how to fake being able to dance. She also looks like she’s having fun :)

And I’m saying to my dad “Wow am I glad that we only have still photography, I have NO idea what I’m doing!”

PS- I have NO idea what song we danced to. It might have been the Beatle’s “When I’m 64”

Here’s my birthday twin and middle brother dancing. Her husband plays in the jazz band where Daniel used to work, I’m not sure he’s used to having such a good dance partner. In the background are Whitney’s parents, who are also fabulous dancer and good friends of my parents too.


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Am I a crazy, or does my hair somehow look like feathers?

Um, who cares if my hair looked like feathers?! We’re married!


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first dance = TWIRL!

We don’t really know how to dance, but we do know how to twirl and make an entrance!

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happy veterans day!

Thanks to all the vets in my life: my grandpa (who passed away in 2009), and Ben’s grandpa (who was at the wedding and danced with me [see above]). Thank you for defending freedom for us. What you did, and what your compatriots and current counterparts are doing is so very important to keeping America and other places around the world safe.


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