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So in my re-found Martha Stewart craftiness of being a housefiancee, I’ve decided that sewing veils is fun. But really only the funky ones. Working with white and ivory tulle and ribbons just doesn’t get my crafty juices going in the same way that lime green, electric blue, bright purple, and hot pink does. So, if you know of anyone looking for a short, fluffy veil: I’m your gal to make it for you! Seriously. I even made myself a little sales site: http://fluffy.bigcartel.com. Please, share it. Let people know that I’m a crafty maven and then support my crafty hobbies by buying a veil.

Oh, you want pictures? Well, here are some pictures of the one I made for Mrs. Lady Bear for her bachelorette party a week ago. Awesome, no?

Sorry I had to blur her face, I don’t want to post it without permission and I’m too lazy to ask right now.

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