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I love this photo… We’ve got Our Lady of the Bear Cave looking cozy (or is that mildly threatening?) with a beer and Mia and Ethan playing pool with her! Having a big wedding reception is such an amazing opportunity to bring friends together from all walks of life. See, I collect people. Invited to our wedding were friends of mine from home-home (school friends and family friends), Interlochen (camp AND academy), my time at CCPA in Chicago, and of course some Boulder folks from CU and Bonai. Apparently, I collect tall blond women as a sub category (see, Katie, Whitney F., and Mia).

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Because we had a lunchtime wedding we had a lot of unscheduled time in the evening, after our venue politely kicked us out at 5 PM, so we made plans with a bar across the street (The Attic) to have a low-key after party. We gave our guests glowstick bracelets and those acted as their key to an open bar. We also had them serve tater tots and sweet potato fries with a variety of toppings (ranch dressing, BBQ sauce, and regular catsup). It was a BLAST and I’m so glad that we had the extra time to spend with our friends and family in a laid back environment. Some people even went to their hotel rooms and changed before going to the bar!

Does anyone else have Pink  singing in their head right now? We’re coming up!

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maybe I didn’t look “bridal enough” or something, but I don’t recall any random people in the hotel saying congratulations or anything, just “nice dress!” or trying to squeak into the elevator with us (I told the dude in his bathrobe and swimsuit to take the next one and gave him a look of death before he backed out, just the look of death from my girl friends and mother weren’t enough). There were even some guys that the bar manager had to ask to leave our party because all the death stares weren’t getting through to them. They were playing a round pool in the middle of our wedding after party!

Note of caution to anyone who reads this: be extra nice to girls in white dresses with fancy looking hair, there’s a 99.9% chance that they’re a bride and they’d rather hear “mazal tov!” or “congratulations!” than “nice dress!” even if that is the first thought in your mind (I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt here).

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We are back from our trains, planes, ferries, and automobiles vacation where we ate too much cheese and tried not to sample too much wine. Most of all, we’re happy to be back in our nice firm bed, and out of the giant squishy ones where we couldn’t find each other….. The best part?Now we can say things like “hi, husband!” and “hi, wife!” over and over again until the novelty wears off (which it may not, partner and fiance never wore off either). We can also say spiffy things like “Sherpa’s is a family favorite” and mean US, not our families. We are our own family now, SWEET!

If you’d like to ogle over photos, and aren’t my friend on facebook, please visit


where you can see our non-pro photos and share yours with us (and everyone else who bothers to look). It’s totally free, unless you want to download any photos that weren’t uploaded by you. FYI, our photos aren’t at their fullest size/resolution, please contact me if you’d like better copies of anything.

You can also view Michael’s photos on his website:


and a conglomerate of my mother’s and everyone else’s on hers:


Get ready for recaps, I’ll write about them eventually, and our honeymoon too. (Probably while avoiding writing more cover letters and tweaking my resume/CV for obnoxious job applications, where is my job fairy when I need her?!)

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Apparently getting married lets people feel entitled to ask you weird questions.  Like “Do you plan to have kids?” or “How soon are you planning to have babies after you’re married?” or “How late will the wedding go, I want to catch the 6 PM flight out of DIA [which is about an hour away], and I don’t want to miss too much of your party.” Wow, AWKWARD (the first 2 more than the last). Yes, we’re having kids, later. We’ll tell you more when they’re on the way. None will be born in Colorado, Ben has to graduate first so that we no longer qualify for public assistance by having a family of three or more. Yes, leaving at 4:30 to get to the airport means you will miss at least an hour to 90 minutes of party. Sorry. You’ll be leaving right before we parade across the street to the bistro/bar to play pool, eat fried food, and drink beer.

Seriously, who would want to miss this? We’ve got glow-stick bracelets for everyone and there will be pool, beer, board games and fried food! Sounds like an AWESOME party to me. But, then again it’s our party and why would we plan a party that we wouldn’t want to go to?

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